Sheep Shearing
We shear sheep around the Kansas City area. Shearing prices start at a flat rate of $75 for up to 10 ewes. Please contact us for a quote for flocks larger than 10 sheep. A trip Charge may also apply depending you your location.

The best time to shear ewes is 6 weeks before lambing. Even if it's cold outside. Ewes frequently lamb in the early morning hours. If she is shorn, she is much more likely to move into shelter to lamb. Lambs have a much easier time finding a teat when she is shorn. And lambs are not suckling on dirty tags which causes scours. These factors have a huge positive impact on lamb survivability. The ewe's skin doubles in thickness after she is shorn to compensate for he wool being gone. She also will eat more to compensate. This has a positive impact on lamb growth in utero. Lambs do the majority of growing in the last 30 days of gestation. More food going through a ewe means more available nutrition for growing lambs.

The night before shearing.
Proper preparation of your flock and shearing area makes the job much easier on all involved. You will need to remove all food and water the night before shearing. Sheep with a full ruemen can suffer from a build up of digestive gasses and die during shearing. Please put your sheep up in the barn the night before. A corral will work if you don't have a barn. The key is for your sheep to be confined to an area appropriate for the number of sheep you have. A horse stall sized area is right for a less than a dozen sheep. There are additional charges for catching your sheep and shearing wet sheep. We will also need a grounded outlet in the shearing area.

Shearing Day
Please have the bags you want to put the wool into ready before we arrive. We will bring our shearing equipment and a 6' x 6' catch pen to attach to your handling system.